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Check out our progress in environmental, social, and governance practices in 2022!

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Ascenty operates with 100% clean energy: 90% of the electricity used in our Data Centers comes from incentivized renewable sources and the remaining 10% is offset by acquiring I-RECs.

A Ascenty optou por usar 100% de energia limpa, sendo que 90% da energia elétrica utilizada em nossos data centers são procedentes de fontes renováveis incentivadas e os outros 10% compensados pela compra de I-RECc

Ascenty is helping build a sustainable, fair, and ethical future. Learn more about our initiatives! 

A Ascenty contribui para um futuro sustentável, justo e ético. Conheça nossas ações de perto! 

We are constantly focused on the future and benefitting society as a whole.

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Trabalhamos com o olhar no futuro e em prol da sociedade.

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Numbers that speak for themselves.

Check out some of the sustainable milestones achieved by Ascenty in 2022!

Números que falam por si só.

Veja alguns marcos sustentáveis conquistados pela Ascenty em 2022!

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How do we contribute to ESG?

Over two hundred thousand tons of recycled waste.

More than twenty-nine thousand tons of CO2 neutralized.

Top priority to environmental, social and governance issues.

Use of 100% Clean Energy in Data Centers.

Powerful insights through preventive analyses to optimize all processes.

More than nine hundred thousand Brazilian Reais invested in sustainable resources.

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International certifications that prove Ascenty's commitment to ESG practices.

Environmental Management

(ISO 14001)

Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301)

Anti-Bribery Management

(ISO 37001)

Compliance Management

(ISO 37301)

Occupational Health and Safety Management

(ISO 45001)

Energy Efficiency Management

(ISO 50001)

Carbon Neutrality


Quality Management

(ISO 9001)

Service Management

(ISO 20000)


Gestão de Segurança da Informação (ISO 27001)

Gestão de Privacidade de Dados (ISO 27701)

Are you familiar with Ascenty?

Where data turns into powerful insights.

Onde os dados se transformam em insights poderosos

Ascenty is a Digital Realty and Brookfield company and the largest provider of Data Center and Connectivity services in Latin America. It currently has 34 Data Centers in operation and/or under construction in Brazil, Chile, Mexico,and Colombia, interconnected by 5,000 km of its own fiber optic network.

In 2023, we celebrate 13 years of history, working hard to build and operate world-class infrastructures. In addition, we serve the world's largest cloud and technology service providers, as well as clients from a range of sectors such as Finance, Retail, Industry, Health, and Technology.

To support its expansion, Ascenty relies on its shareholders – Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, a Canadian asset management company, and Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center company, with more than 300 sites located across six continents, such as North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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